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Design the Designer


Design the Designer

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Design the Designer

Thursday April 26 2018


 A class targeted to anyone who is interested in design or works in a design field.

Photographers, painters, wedding planners, realtors, landscapers, home stagers, florists, bakers..etc.

There are basic foundations and elements to design that apply from anything to art, architecture, photography…. Anything creative in design basically follows the same principles.

This is a theory class so there will be no practical aside from colour samples as we explore colour theory.

I would like to discuss the main design elements as well as color theory based on the teachings of Joseph Albers.

As people who work in a creative environment its takes a lot of talent and skill but what I have found is that so many of us struggle with the secret insecurity that we fake it till we make it. 

My goal is to teach you tools that will transition you from intuitively making good design decisions to consciously making them.

It is not only useful to know why something does not work but to also know why something does work- so we don’t fear “not being able to do it again”.

The goal is to build confidence in your own work and an understanding of these universal principles.

Two hours of theory followed by a Mingler.

location : Event Rental Works in Pemberton

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